Ms Right

Mrs Right is the alter ego of  “the business process lady” and Lisa Marie Martinez the real person behind opinions and editorial post.

The points of view are based on years of experience.  Both personal success  or lesson’s learned through trial and error.  Some are on behalf of those who are not in the conversation and representing the most likely to be harmed by innovation or what we term as innovation.

I’ve done innovation since I began my career.  I know “innovation” can be done without causing harm.

What others say about me?

Many professionals often appreciate my perspective while others quickly discount all of my prescriptions.  I’m not always right, but I’m the alter ego of a trusted adviser to people who are known to be the impossible to influence within your organizations.

Anyone who truly knows me will tell you that I do things the right way or have unquestionable integrity even when it’s not going to help my career nor will I be politically correct.  I am being ethical and looking out for the interest of the company well before my own benefit.

There are no rewards for doing the right thing in most companies; Do the right thing anyway!

Quality versus Quantity

I have a small network in my professional profile, as my contacts are of the highest quality and recognized thought leaders in many industries and many professions.  I’m proud to be amongst the people they endorse or refer others too speak to on topics of interest.

Feedback welcomed

Please contribute, challenge my understanding and rest assured I will support you when I’m wrong and applaud for being right.

Design Approach

I design for the rule, basing decisions on an adjacent possibility model or the preferred choice defaults and a human must make a decision to alternate from the best choice.


I am an advocate for standards when proven and generally stay in the principles realm to make generic connections and use them as leverage points.  Using this approach allows many standards to interconnect without forcing change at the lowest levels.

Wicked Problems

I love to fix wicked problems, there are far more people who can fix or operate your company it doesn’t make sense to have me settling for average when I can fix the wicked messes.


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