A person centered design for zero to five year olds (0-5 year olds)



Zero to five year old (0-5)

  • Child – One record for every child

A child and their Identity-Biometrics for audit compliance of child care alternative payment programs

Today a family has a child and the parent must apply for a social security card, the hospital helps with applying for a birth record which the parent must acquire on their own.  

Imagine the possibilities if the birth and capture of the child’s footprint created the child’s vital statistics for the parents.  

Ideally a  personal cloud scenario works well for us in the associated situation.  

Hosted provider service protection would be the responsibility of the federal government for all the populations where aid is supplied through the federal grants to the social service populations, free lunch population through NCLB and immigration funding grants or tribal TANF grants. 


  • National Child Care Food Program – Federal Program

Healthy meals for children in family child care settings the assistance with child nutrition for providers. 

  • Tax credit for dependents

Alternative payment programs may exclude a parent from the tax deduction. The payments made on behalf of the parents who are looking for work, attending training or working in low wage jobs.  

  • Head of Household rules
  • Tax child care payment credit or pre-tax on payroll

Parents are finding out at tax time the provider they paid isn’t willing to give them the tax information required to acquire the credit.  

Ensures clarity on the deduction for the partial payment made by parents

Ensures pre-tax is election rather than a decision a parent was unaware would eliminate the tax credit. 

  • Healthcare for all

Ensuring the health coverage for the entire family. 

  • eRate

Enabling eRate through the effective management of telecommunication service programs

Intelligence managed at providers data center without distribution nor threats of interception

Designed to prevent threats rather than simply respond to cyber attacks. 

  • Family First – Parent Rights from Birth

  • Supporting Single and First Time Parents


  • Smart Cities

Sustainability-ensuring resilience of the model and scalability

Crisis Management-ensuring the recovery plan and expectations are identified


Urban Planning Simulation Models

The above represents a model built in an open source tool “Insight Maker”, where anyone can search for a template or existing model and clone the model for use in their community.  

System Thinking World is an online community in LinkedIn where I volunteered as a group manager, the group owner had a suite of tools in use by the members. 

Before you begin modeling your community you want to create a one page situation paper on the problem you are trying to address. 

Let’s assume we are re-inventing education and trying to increase parent participation in our children’s learning experience. 




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