Use Case Corporate Sales Tax – unique record

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Define the problem

The voice of the customer and laws which are not subject to organizations or agencies decision making has an adverse impact on public opinion and the safety of all citizen’s is at risk with a severe threat to women and children.
 Revenue or Benefits Transaction Capability

Voice of the Customer – Citizen or Consumer 

Privacy is not subjective it must be honored in all transactions 
Legal definition of a customer assume age, intent and understanding
  • An average person has little or no legal experience which would imply terms and conditions accepted by any users assume laws require mass agreement with regard to civil liberties and freedom’s offered a democratic society.
  • Good Faith rules must apply and all corporation decisions must operate in good faith.
  • An average user has far less chance of changing default settings; an indicator of the users adoption with technology and maturity would be considered very low
  • The browser used by a user when changed implies a general use of technology
  • Neither of the above “facts” suggest legal knowledge or wisdom several articles have circulated with the estimated time for a user to read all terms and conditions was a nightmare.  The article was clear on the fact the estimates were merely reading the terms.
  • Terms are a poor way to manage good faith interactions with users.
  • Higher quality records are a valued as an asset-when low quality the risk seems unimportant
  • Women are targeted far more often than men online
  • Children are targeted 43% of the time

Tax payments 

  • Prepaid to your organization
  • On behalf of the employee deduction
  • On behalf of the customer commerce transaction – based on customers location
  • Many companies are not using their chart of accounts in a way to do this systematically
  • ERP is designed to the work for you
  • If you are running offline EDW accounting you are unable to do this systematically.
Let’s not confuse our pass through payments on behalf of the employees and on behalf of what we collect or forget to charge customers.
Keep in mind, customers are not going appreciate an invoice for tax if you failed to include the tax in the original invoice.
  • Assume the invoice is sitting in the closed order pile, which translates into whether or not they open a new order for your inefficiency or do a change order on the original.
  • Either way you look like more work than a customer needs to have or hire resources for your ineffective practices.
  • Why should the customer pay two bank fees for card charges twice?
  • Why should the customer open a closed purchase for your disconnected process?
  • What ways might our customer lose confidence?
  • In scoring any supplier for strategic or maverick relationship positions a key definition would be the ability for the supplier to engage in low touch interactions.
  • The supplier follows our rules and doesn’t operate outside the law.

Corporation tax debt 

  • Do not avoid your corporation tax debt as
  • The results are lowering the opportunity to build or accommodate your foreign workers.
  • The concept of avoiding tax debt alone says you are not acting like an American
  • Degrading our economy while using our vital resources.
  • Why would anyone elect to tax a sale based on the server location
  •  The condition for tax debt payable to foreign countries, known the workers are moving here?
  • In some billion dollar companies we have them operating barges on International waters.
  • Where the tax debts are not even factored in the International development models?


Measure the rows in tables in storage writes to a file, get scripts and assume these are transactional applications for the purpose of threat assessments.  Ensure compliance and current threat assessment portfolio’s.
Every row represents a person represents a threat you and your company have elected to take without a person’s authorization.
  • Remember good faith suggest citizens are least likely to understand the terms you had them approve.
  • Measure the response time from a user from presentation of an update on terms alert
  • When presented time to accept
  • Most immediately accept without reading; an average user doesn’t have the legal expertise to understand the legal mumbo jumbo.
  • The users perception about the alert “an annoying flag” i don’t care about because I assume my entries and the application are controlled by my entry or choice.


Commerce event transactions
  • General rules from the consumer or person making a purchase online
  • Frightening to think congressional decisions can be made in direct conflict with the economic health of the nation.
  • Tax liability – online purchases – Legislation supporting location of your servers
Rationale from business stakeholders
  • Why should corporations pay taxes twice?
  • Internal View on tax liability
  • Likely a limited view on the tax payment system
  • unlikely  these people are aware of the way an employee deduction is an employee  earning payment collected and paid by the corporation on funds acquired  from an employee
  • unlikely these people are aware of the way a customer pays tax on the revenue
  • Both scenarios are paid by others with a corporate payment system
  • The taxable point in a transaction
  •  is always based on users location
  • The  fact most companies are unable to translate the way an ERP system works  by design, is a different problem and not one an American company  should have had a chance to negatively impact.
  • Financial Integrity Risk
  • Credit card disputes due to incorrect taxation
  • I will object to any tax charged beyond my local sales tax rate.
  • Brand Risk 
  • In no way would I purchase any item from a company in my community when the company ELECTS to pay taxes in another region.
  • Tax  evasion is a crime – Congressional leaders who authorize such practices should be removed from office.
  • Citizens  social responsibility – anyone would be offended and disturbed by any  company who has a headquarters  in  our community and they are not  paying taxes
  • Tax allows us to support the housing, roads, healthcare and justice systems for  their  employees.
  • Regulatory Risk
  • If these companies are not employing the workers locally and bringing in people outside the area
  • AND avoiding taxes we need to support the people who you will not employ.
  • AND  avoiding the taxes locally needed to build for all the foreign people  you will bring to the area – despite the overpopulation of unemployed  workers.


Re-engineer the process as the majority of the person’s information is collected about is not going to spend enough to justify the risk nor the return.
  • Create a single record for every person
  • Create a single party record for every company and apply the customer relationship and supplier relationship to each party.
  • allowing location to remain fixed while changes to the organization or agency are going to promote the new relationship at any physical location.
  •  change for a party without causing a new physical record.
  • Create guide for appropriate use of ERP for taxation which is a transaction calculation derived from the ship to and country with regional tax tables.
Discover ways to outsource work to local workers for the same lower rates with higher quality of service
  • Employment for younger students left behind will increase rather than push these students into pregnancy and criminal populations.
  • Employing long term unemployed

Equal Employment Opportunities

Fair Labor Practices

  • Any company whose employees are not an equal representation of the community where they have offices and manage their business may be at risk of not meeting social responsibility or the spirit of the equal employment opportunity laws.
  • The spirit of the law intends to ensure hiring within a community well before going elsewhere, especially in dense urban communities where the populations are typically spilling over at all edges.
  • Considering  the highest growth population will be forced into poverty, who would we  blame for the higher tax rates to care for the poorest population with  the highest growth states like California, Texas and
  • If you insist on college degrees, knowing you will eliminate the low income workforce opportunities  as we have the largest drop out populations in your companies backyard.
  • Lets assume I’m a 1st grader.  How are you using fair hiring practices?


  • Create an online cost and benefit model
  • Create an online expense and revenue model

Crisis Detection and Prevention – Grandparents Rights

Crisis Management Detection

Grandparents rights

  • Grandparents as a support and safety system for the children living in violence
  • Grandparents as the first consideration when children are proposed to be removed from the home.
    • There’s no excuse for removing children from their home to place the child with strangers.

First, let’s understand the cost of doing nothing.

A grandmother in Florida had a suspicion  “something was very wrong” with her daughter and her relationship.

Imagine for just a few moments.  Would you be very forgiving if you knew something was wrong and you had no rights no way to intervene? 

For any parent/grandparent – being helpless to save your child and her children. 

Many people immediately blame the woman being abused.  Sure, it’s easy to make judgements about things we don’t understand.  Please, open your mind to the FACT a woman with confidence and all “the will” on Earth can and does find herself “isolated”, then emotionally broken down by her abusive partner and eventually the emotional abuse and control turn violent.



Personally, it would simply break down all hope for me if I was helpless.  The nightmare no grandparent should ever face knowing their child is being harmed, then knowing our grandchildren are being harmed too?

Could you even imagine the horror?  

Nothing compares to being without anyway to respond nor any way to protect the innocent grandchildren. 

This grandmother in Florida lives her nightmare every day knowing she was helpless and because grandparents have no rights, she lost her daughter and her grandchildren.  The abuser killed her daughter and her grandchildren.

In any situation where domestic violence is concerned we must assume the children are harmed when they are forced to watch a parent abused by another parent.   The children must be allowed to go with their grandparents before strangers.


The opportunity in having “the Rights of a grandparent” forces the abuser to be much more subtle about the degree of abuse children witness.

A primary benefit of the concept of grandparent rights ensures the children are not removed and placed with strangers.   The foster care system must support the transition to grandparents just as it would support a stranger to care for the children.  The same issues will exist and often grandparents are not in a position to financially support the child(ren).

Legislation must be written and passed to support grandparent rights.

Grandparents Rights as an intervention

A grandparent rights approach allows the law to guide the inclusion of grandparents.

  • Having grandparent rights as a global law-ensures a certain safeguard in having no way to isolate the parent from their own parents.
    • An abuser must not have a way to isolate the victim or the children of the victim

Support systems for grandparents

Systems which allow grandparents an objective forum to warrant temporary placement away from the abuse

  • As the first response to any mandated report filed and justified to remove the children from the home.
    • Any victims parents would be eligible for placement of the children while the investigation occurs – unless a child specifically raises concerns about their safety.
    • Any accused parents family would not be a good choice as the parent would be likely to protect the victim at the expense of the children.

Preventing grandparents from abusing their rights must be considered and safeguards put in place to prevent such threats.

Family First and Community Support Models

Families First for First Time Parents


  • Triage for Urban Communities and teen pregnancy downfalls

  • Mentor support networks

  • Focused Support

Train both parents to be partners in healthy and realistic roles where both parents respect and treat each other fairly.

  • Prelude is a tool where each parent can first learn about themselves and then how they work in teams.
    • Extend private spaces where communications are written or guided with healthy single parents supporting each parent.
      • Objective supporting roles
      • Conflict Management skills or students seeking roles in social worker
  • Train both parents in the art of building healthy communication and skills which are vital to estranged families.
    • For the best interest of the child
      • Ideally ensuring respectful parenting relationships
    • Private forums where both parents are able to have visibility into education, medical and financial care
  • Knowing the investments are having positive returns and fairly distributed ensures better long term relationships.

Parents who are estranged and unable to communicate

Escalation Model Service Management

A risk for the child in all cases, when two adults are unable to put their own feelings aside for the best interest of their child is a risk for the child.  Irrespective of the reason, no parent should be unable to separate the interest of the child above their own interest.   In some cases, the problem is more about the new partners insecurity or expectations.

    • A forum where abusive partners can receive intervention to rebuild their lives accepting the dissolution of the hope of being family.
      • Many Fathers rights forums are bringing forward the reality that woman are also abusers
        • Especially, in using the children as a weapon against the father.
        • Safeguards must be put in place to address the gap in our current family court system.
  • Addressing Family Court – inequality

  • Parentage Rights and Responsibility

Perhaps rapid family court models

  • Crisis Prevention Planning and Intervention

    • Grandparents rights

  • Grandparents as a support and safety system for children

A grandmother in Florida had a suspicion something was very wrong with her daughters relationship and was left no options and no rights.  The woman was left with the bitter taste of helplessness as she buried her daughter and grandchildren.

The scenario appears to be a unique or something beyond the woman’s control.  I assure you, having rights established for all grandparents is a safety net for the children.   A parent being abused is slowly backed into a corner and often the person has no idea they are being groomed for a life of abuse.  The only way to protect some children will be to through a mechanism where the grandparent and children are allowed the bond an abuser cannot control.  The opportunity in having “the Rights of a grandparent” forces the abuser to be much more subtle about the degree of abuse children witness.

A primary benefit being the rights of the grandparent as unavoidable and non-negotiable without the legal system.   Specifically, the elimination of such rights must be difficult and formal.

Well outside the abusers ability to control.

  • Establishing tax credit rules at birth

    • Ensuring joint custody allows tax credit equally as an attractor
    • Establishing any child care pretax or credit at filing returns is equal or identified and not submitted by both parents.
  • Establishing HIPPA relationships between both parents
    • Ensure joint visibility on all healthcare related matters for the child

Grandparents Rights as an intervention and prevention mechanism

Creating the role of grandparents in the child’s life allows a subtle presence allowed by law when a woman is pushed into isolation by an abusive partner.

In the same context a role for fraternal grandparents when a female is the abuser.

Domestic Violence has many forms and the disturbing trend around female abusers is a no win situation for a man.

Whether the abuse is of the mental form or physical form has little bearing on the children.  Abuse in any form is an unhealthy scenario and one where most crisis are born.

Abusive partners are determined to eliminate any interference from anyone close to the person being prepared for abuse.

Partners who harm are predictable and religious about the isolation stage.

The abuser will often accuse the person of not being sane or thinking irrational and isolation protects them from what others will say or do.

Early warning signs are the breakdowns in family relationships or loyalty test.

Who means more to you?

I can’t love someone who doesn’t put our relationship first.

These people are just trying to hurt us and our love.

A grandparent rights approach allows the law to guide the inclusion of grandparents.

-having rights as a grandparent breaks down the first layer of isolation

A person centered design for zero to five year olds (0-5 year olds)



Zero to five year old (0-5)

  • Child – One record for every child

A child and their Identity-Biometrics for audit compliance of child care alternative payment programs

Today a family has a child and the parent must apply for a social security card, the hospital helps with applying for a birth record which the parent must acquire on their own.  

Imagine the possibilities if the birth and capture of the child’s footprint created the child’s vital statistics for the parents.  

Ideally a  personal cloud scenario works well for us in the associated situation.  

Hosted provider service protection would be the responsibility of the federal government for all the populations where aid is supplied through the federal grants to the social service populations, free lunch population through NCLB and immigration funding grants or tribal TANF grants. 


  • National Child Care Food Program – Federal Program

Healthy meals for children in family child care settings the assistance with child nutrition for providers. 

  • Tax credit for dependents

Alternative payment programs may exclude a parent from the tax deduction. The payments made on behalf of the parents who are looking for work, attending training or working in low wage jobs.  

  • Head of Household rules
  • Tax child care payment credit or pre-tax on payroll

Parents are finding out at tax time the provider they paid isn’t willing to give them the tax information required to acquire the credit.  

Ensures clarity on the deduction for the partial payment made by parents

Ensures pre-tax is election rather than a decision a parent was unaware would eliminate the tax credit. 

  • Healthcare for all

Ensuring the health coverage for the entire family. 

  • eRate

Enabling eRate through the effective management of telecommunication service programs

Intelligence managed at providers data center without distribution nor threats of interception

Designed to prevent threats rather than simply respond to cyber attacks. 

  • Family First – Parent Rights from Birth

  • Supporting Single and First Time Parents


  • Smart Cities

Sustainability-ensuring resilience of the model and scalability

Crisis Management-ensuring the recovery plan and expectations are identified


Urban Planning Simulation Models

The above represents a model built in an open source tool “Insight Maker”, where anyone can search for a template or existing model and clone the model for use in their community.  

System Thinking World is an online community in LinkedIn where I volunteered as a group manager, the group owner had a suite of tools in use by the members. 

Before you begin modeling your community you want to create a one page situation paper on the problem you are trying to address. 

Let’s assume we are re-inventing education and trying to increase parent participation in our children’s learning experience.