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Three Business Models-Target State Service Architecture

Three Business Models

  • Innovation to Invent
  • Change to Improve
  • Operate to run the business


Sub-Account Code

  • 30 Innovation
  • 20 Change
  • 10 Run


Risk Management

  • High Risk – innovation
  • Medium Risk – change
  • Low Risk – run


Generic – Online Protection Framework


Belonging to a certain general class  (genus). Also, an item not marketed with a brand  name, trademark,  or other distinguishing feature  that separates it from other similar items.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/generic.html#ixzz2kCb48Q9k



Generic Stock and Flow Model
Generic Stock and Flow Model

Insight Maker “Templates”

“A generic vector”

A common measurement which would be true for any population.  A group of people in a GIS code infers a true measure for people all over the world.   A vector would be set and true for all variables when applied in a model.  The population volume remains x when a modeler applies “A Variable” to the population.  A modeler doesn’t not want to add the population as a variable otherwise the model simulation will work as effectively.

“Any Vertical”

A model which can be used by any vertical market.  Notice the segmentation of a population grouping children by milestones.  Different variables apply to each of these populations.   The child populations are shown with a parent authorization true for each person in the segment.  The concept applies a filter type concept which requires a parent to have visibility and apply an authorization to use any online service.

Any vertical market
Any vertical market

“A Healthcare” model

A model which would be applicable to the healthcare industry variables.

Healthcare Industry
Healthcare Industry

“An Education” model

A set of variables “true” in the education vertical.

Educational Vertical
Educational Vertical

“A Media and Entertainment” model

A media and entertainment model applied to the education model.

Media and Entertainment
Media and Entertainment

Online Protection Framework

The above definition must be assumed for any online protection framework.  Online protection for children or victims of violence have a reasonable expectation of privacy and advertising in no way justifies any reasonable expectation other than these populations have additional safeguards and greater risk of harm to physical safety.

A per cloud

An open standard solution currently being developed as a viable option for parental authorization and a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Online Protection Framework - percloud

“a 3rd Party and Platform Provider”

The following diagram infers the way information would ideally remain unique to 3rd party applications and Platform Providers when a per cloud user acquires an application from the Play Store or iTunes.

The change required for 3rd party applications and Service Providers would be to refrain from all restricted data types and only acquire “Selected Visible”.  The change supports the many laws in place which protect people from others collecting or reselling for any reason.

A Platform Provider and 3rd Party Provider consumes only non-restricted information from a per-cloud user

Mobility services need to be revisited and controls put in place at the release of applications into the mainstream through these two stores primarily.  An assumption is made that Google and Apple are managing their stores with integrity.  Therefore, understanding and changing the way these applications can damage an asset or use up the data minutes inadvertantly for users.  Well this is a responsibility for these two providers who host the stores where people acquire these applications.