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Transformation – Cloud Solutions a System Approach to the industry transformation

An experience based learning opportunity

A nationwide movement has formed dedicated to engaging those left behind towards computer science.   A wicked solution to a wicked problem in our country, mass populations without jobs, without hope and destined for low wage jobs.  A country without the domestic workforce seeking talent from under-developed countries where the skilled workforce is exceeding our countries ability to compete.

Cloud Solutions Applied

Solution Life cycle

The business model by customer audience versus unique organization or agency approaches – it is absurd to expect different results using the same approaches.

  • How does a company begin the journey into the clouds?
  • How does a small company understand the clouds?
    • Using APQC framework to plan the business model – Coarse grain business process
    • Using a generic framework to perform internal sensing and social media as a channel for external sensing.

A social media strategy for cloud adoption “as citizens”

  • Using tools in ways that enable all citizens.

A social media strategy for “any size organization or agency”.

  • Thinking about design differently – the experience

A social media strategy for “any government”.

  • Transitioning from pull to push based on citizens rights and freedoms or lack of either.

The Framework

A community support model explained

  • How to leverage platforms?
    • Digital Media Architecture

    • Business Alliance in response to security threats against children and victims
      • Bringing platforms together
        • Facebook
          • API’s
        • Google
          • Play Store
        • Grom Social
          • Parent Voices
        • LinkedIn
        • Yahoo
    • Cyber-Security

      • Motivations in system approach
        • Leveraging strengths
        • Allowing a person centered design
      • Opt in versus Opt Out
        • Free isn’t really free its an advertising trade-off
      • Integrating education providers who have proven success
        • Florida Virtual Learning
        • Khan Academy
      • Cloud, Mobility and Big Data integration
        • What executives need to know about the way the mobile strategy is being introduced and the risk associated with current practices?


      • Unknowns and known misconceptions
        • Machine to Machine threats
          • National Security
            • Remote Access Control
              • Man in the middle
              • Targeted Attacks
              • Prevent opt in as many of the wireless users are under age.
          • Quality – hardware misconceptions
            • Symptoms device owners assume they own the device and others are unable and unclear on why any company wants to monitor people’s activity.

Qualifying new Suppliers – Culture (human)

Just as we experience with any new innovation offer we must perform due diligence on any proposed supplier.  The innovation business model has the highest probability of a new relationship with a new supplier.  It is vitally important to manage confidentiality and intellectual property with Non-Disclosure agreements and secure process measurements.

Using consistent supply chain due diligence practices to begin on-boarding of any new suppliers.  In the innovation space the intellectual property threats and strong oversight of the supplier relationship is vital to all interactions throughout the first year and longer in cases where solutions are systems or solutions versus boxes.

scorecards tailored to a new supplier who’s value proposition would be measured by quality rather than quantity.  Ensuring a build order transfer model or twice removed model in small and medium customer scenarios requires a very strong negotiation team and consistent communications amongst the internal team especially in front of the supplier.

Identifying trusted cloud providers – Understanding the components and delivery options

  • PaaS-Platform as a Service

    • Social Media as a Cloud Service Provider
      • Telecom Service Providers
      • Cable Service Providers
  • IaaS-Infrastructure as a Service

    • Blade to Server configuration and cyber-security principles
    • Processing Information and Knowledge
    • Securing Cyber Space
  • SaaS-Software as a Service

    • Content providers
      • Play Store
      • iTunes
  • Big Data – Security and Privacy

    • Diverse Scenarios
      • China encryption exclusion
      • Native American Land
        • Native American People
        • Four States – A nation within a nation
      • Victims of Crime
        • Monitoring Criminals upon release
        • Victims forced into re-active and protect
          • Opt In versus prevent and detect
      • Minor Children
        • Forced into re-active and protect
          • Opt in versus prevent and detect
          • Restore rights of children by using  a platform approach to parental consent

New Jobs US Workforce – Use Case Tribal or Indigenous People delivery support model

  • Tribal Solutions
    • Community Support Model
    • Cradle to Career
      • Zero to Five – Pre-K
      • K-5 Elementary
      • Middle School
      • High School
      • Community College
      • University
      • Workforce Development
        • Technology adoption
          • Cyber-security
            • Exclusion of tribal land and information about Native American
            • Migration to bio-metric identification system
            • Master Data Management
              • Single Record for every person
                • Bio-metrics for single sign on
                  • R&R, Parent Voices
                  • Minute Menu
                  • Social service and TANF
          • Reverse Engineer from collectors to Content push
            • Records Management
          • eRate
          • Securing education solutions
          • Six Sigma champion model
        • Workforce Development
          • University
          • Community College
          • Leaving High school with Child Development Certification
          • Adult Education
    • A nation within a nation
      • Rebuilding the Lakota Nation
      • Reverse engineer the tribal authority across four states
  • Open source solutions

    • Universal Ionic Framework to enable rapid replication in any part of the world
      • Rapid Deployment using templates