Crisis Detection and Prevention – Grandparents Rights

Crisis Management Detection

Grandparents rights

  • Grandparents as a support and safety system for the children living in violence
  • Grandparents as the first consideration when children are proposed to be removed from the home.
    • There’s no excuse for removing children from their home to place the child with strangers.

First, let’s understand the cost of doing nothing.

A grandmother in Florida had a suspicion  “something was very wrong” with her daughter and her relationship.

Imagine for just a few moments.  Would you be very forgiving if you knew something was wrong and you had no rights no way to intervene? 

For any parent/grandparent – being helpless to save your child and her children. 

Many people immediately blame the woman being abused.  Sure, it’s easy to make judgements about things we don’t understand.  Please, open your mind to the FACT a woman with confidence and all “the will” on Earth can and does find herself “isolated”, then emotionally broken down by her abusive partner and eventually the emotional abuse and control turn violent.



Personally, it would simply break down all hope for me if I was helpless.  The nightmare no grandparent should ever face knowing their child is being harmed, then knowing our grandchildren are being harmed too?

Could you even imagine the horror?  

Nothing compares to being without anyway to respond nor any way to protect the innocent grandchildren. 

This grandmother in Florida lives her nightmare every day knowing she was helpless and because grandparents have no rights, she lost her daughter and her grandchildren.  The abuser killed her daughter and her grandchildren.

In any situation where domestic violence is concerned we must assume the children are harmed when they are forced to watch a parent abused by another parent.   The children must be allowed to go with their grandparents before strangers.


The opportunity in having “the Rights of a grandparent” forces the abuser to be much more subtle about the degree of abuse children witness.

A primary benefit of the concept of grandparent rights ensures the children are not removed and placed with strangers.   The foster care system must support the transition to grandparents just as it would support a stranger to care for the children.  The same issues will exist and often grandparents are not in a position to financially support the child(ren).

Legislation must be written and passed to support grandparent rights.

Grandparents Rights as an intervention

A grandparent rights approach allows the law to guide the inclusion of grandparents.

  • Having grandparent rights as a global law-ensures a certain safeguard in having no way to isolate the parent from their own parents.
    • An abuser must not have a way to isolate the victim or the children of the victim

Support systems for grandparents

Systems which allow grandparents an objective forum to warrant temporary placement away from the abuse

  • As the first response to any mandated report filed and justified to remove the children from the home.
    • Any victims parents would be eligible for placement of the children while the investigation occurs – unless a child specifically raises concerns about their safety.
    • Any accused parents family would not be a good choice as the parent would be likely to protect the victim at the expense of the children.

Preventing grandparents from abusing their rights must be considered and safeguards put in place to prevent such threats.


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