Family First and Community Support Models

Families First for First Time Parents


  • Triage for Urban Communities and teen pregnancy downfalls

  • Mentor support networks

  • Focused Support

Train both parents to be partners in healthy and realistic roles where both parents respect and treat each other fairly.

  • Prelude is a tool where each parent can first learn about themselves and then how they work in teams.
    • Extend private spaces where communications are written or guided with healthy single parents supporting each parent.
      • Objective supporting roles
      • Conflict Management skills or students seeking roles in social worker
  • Train both parents in the art of building healthy communication and skills which are vital to estranged families.
    • For the best interest of the child
      • Ideally ensuring respectful parenting relationships
    • Private forums where both parents are able to have visibility into education, medical and financial care
  • Knowing the investments are having positive returns and fairly distributed ensures better long term relationships.

Parents who are estranged and unable to communicate

Escalation Model Service Management

A risk for the child in all cases, when two adults are unable to put their own feelings aside for the best interest of their child is a risk for the child.  Irrespective of the reason, no parent should be unable to separate the interest of the child above their own interest.   In some cases, the problem is more about the new partners insecurity or expectations.

    • A forum where abusive partners can receive intervention to rebuild their lives accepting the dissolution of the hope of being family.
      • Many Fathers rights forums are bringing forward the reality that woman are also abusers
        • Especially, in using the children as a weapon against the father.
        • Safeguards must be put in place to address the gap in our current family court system.
  • Addressing Family Court – inequality

  • Parentage Rights and Responsibility

Perhaps rapid family court models

  • Crisis Prevention Planning and Intervention

    • Grandparents rights

  • Grandparents as a support and safety system for children

A grandmother in Florida had a suspicion something was very wrong with her daughters relationship and was left no options and no rights.  The woman was left with the bitter taste of helplessness as she buried her daughter and grandchildren.

The scenario appears to be a unique or something beyond the woman’s control.  I assure you, having rights established for all grandparents is a safety net for the children.   A parent being abused is slowly backed into a corner and often the person has no idea they are being groomed for a life of abuse.  The only way to protect some children will be to through a mechanism where the grandparent and children are allowed the bond an abuser cannot control.  The opportunity in having “the Rights of a grandparent” forces the abuser to be much more subtle about the degree of abuse children witness.

A primary benefit being the rights of the grandparent as unavoidable and non-negotiable without the legal system.   Specifically, the elimination of such rights must be difficult and formal.

Well outside the abusers ability to control.

  • Establishing tax credit rules at birth

    • Ensuring joint custody allows tax credit equally as an attractor
    • Establishing any child care pretax or credit at filing returns is equal or identified and not submitted by both parents.
  • Establishing HIPPA relationships between both parents
    • Ensure joint visibility on all healthcare related matters for the child

Grandparents Rights as an intervention and prevention mechanism

Creating the role of grandparents in the child’s life allows a subtle presence allowed by law when a woman is pushed into isolation by an abusive partner.

In the same context a role for fraternal grandparents when a female is the abuser.

Domestic Violence has many forms and the disturbing trend around female abusers is a no win situation for a man.

Whether the abuse is of the mental form or physical form has little bearing on the children.  Abuse in any form is an unhealthy scenario and one where most crisis are born.

Abusive partners are determined to eliminate any interference from anyone close to the person being prepared for abuse.

Partners who harm are predictable and religious about the isolation stage.

The abuser will often accuse the person of not being sane or thinking irrational and isolation protects them from what others will say or do.

Early warning signs are the breakdowns in family relationships or loyalty test.

Who means more to you?

I can’t love someone who doesn’t put our relationship first.

These people are just trying to hurt us and our love.

A grandparent rights approach allows the law to guide the inclusion of grandparents.

-having rights as a grandparent breaks down the first layer of isolation


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