Expense or Cost Transaction Capability

Universal expense or cost transaction capability

Understanding the general systems theory and application of the generic process framework which is a sub-system and constraint for all systems.   

Step 1 Business Process 1 – Design the Strategy and Vision for an offer.

The management decision making process which must occur and iterates each year or in investment firms in the financial market would be the only example where this process may occur more often.  This is true for the fact that all planning follows one of three paths.

  • Portfolio sub account 30
  • Program sub account 20
  • Project sub account 10

In today’s world we believe we are running with these basic concepts in our tools and process.  In our process and our people practice or seek the ability to either run the business in operations of the enterprise.  Change the business in continous improvement of the business operations of the enterprise.   When we innovate we are transforming a market and therefore need to remain in the Portfolio layer of the enterprise.

We must assume the fact that a project manager is not going to qualify as a program manager, to manage the program with more than 1 project a person must invest in thier professional development through the enterprise employee development process or as a personal investment.   In order to move into the portfolio part of a business we must invest in program level or advanced certification and then work towards an expert certification as a portfolio manager.   In any enterprise the rule can apply to all resource in the Enterprise.

A portfolio must be managed by the Expert in a market offer lets apply the concept of education as the portfolio and we can assume this has a relationship with children who receive education, parents who make decisions and are the primary customer in the education industry, teachers who provide a service and the federal government supplies the majority of the funds to a delivery system which includes the state departments, county offices, local districts and schools.

The point of interest being the students are not the primary decision maker the parent is the customer in education.  We learn from the moment we can feel and hear in our mothers womb, but we start the social system at birth.  We know we have Federal Sponsors of the majority of our education dollars  What if our deficit problem was a direct result of not educating people and not understanding the relationships in a system.

We learn in both public and private life, our economic life determines the quality and whether we can apply the learning more broadly to improve our social and family life or protect our health and physical safety by increasing our economic life opportunities.

acquire approval for operational, continuous improvement or change cost for all branches in government and all organizations or agencies. 

Step 2 – begin cost estimates

Benefits framework for all cost intended to benefit citizens
Step 1 – Identify the benefits audience for operational cost for all branches
to the citizen or consumer

Step 2 – identify the benefits audience and method of delivery for all future branch cost


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