Food for thought on IT limits or honestly some have no limits

Technology Use

Using your employers’ assets correctly is the responsibility of every employee. The fact that you can do something really complicated isn’t suggesting you should. In fact, if you do you may be guilty of inappropriate use of the company’s assets.

“Business People are from Venus and IT People are from Mars”.

This reminds me of a situation where an IT service provider, was being asked to use the technology in a way it was not intended outside the system of record. The alternative analytical solution was considered a trusted source and therefore having far less checks and balances based on the design proving to maintain the integrity of the proposed design was far less of a reality.

Myself and another worker my IT counterpart were responsible for the management of some of the companies most complex and highest utilized assets in the company. When the superstar developer told the business Yes, I can do that in two weeks. I nearly dropped dead in my seat. I waited until we were alone and probed him for his line of thinking.

The decision to provision a technology solution simply because a business requestor has a desire to break the rules, isn’t to say you should. Unfortunately, there’s a double edge sword.

The business has no problem requesting what they cannot have and are being governed not to do.
You are hired to provide the business what they ask you to deliver.

My lesson on this day, “there’s nothing IT cannot do with technology”. One last thing he turns to me and says, but “it’s your job to tell us whether they should have what they want”.


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