Use Case for common frameworks in a large media company

A reference model for a people centered design

A tool used by any size and across verticals to target an audience for ethical advertising and marketing or transitioning to a digital media focused on a customer centered design.

A use case

A media publisher currently uses various methods of deliver and has recently decided to accelerate change by adopting a digital media strategy.  Part of the strategy includes selling or segmenting a major part of their organization to one of the current distribution channel strategic alliances.   The result will be a billion dollar change to revenue moving the companies direct consumer model to that alliance company.  The initial cost and revenue streams will change dramatically, while the outcomes will be far less volatile for future operations.

A business architect

A challenge imposed on a LinkedIn forum, to prove a common model can be applied to two different size and types of organizations.

The following represents the customer or person centered design strategy which was derived in order to enable a single record for every citizen or a master data design model.


Stock and Flow Model – System Thinking

The right side of the stock and flow model provides the static converters about an audience, using the vectors in the tool one must assign the measurements for a region which you intend to simulate.

Open Government

The left side provides various converters which will change the simulation results when applied to the right side population by variable framework.  A one page model to base any strategy regardless of the internal business environment.   Each organization will be unique, having a standard way to view a consumer aides in lowering the internal expense we apply trying to figure out the right source for such information.  Open Government will align well with this simulation model.

Person Centered Design

A quality design

Whenever we approach design we need to understand and observe, we also must measure and prototype.  The above is a model within an open source tool used to simulate system architypes or stock and flow models.  In this situation the variables we need to understand are static.  A human at all points in time has an associated milestone in their mental models or learning workflow.  Age and content appropriate materials are vital to the success of a person’s ability to experience change or learn a new lesson in a different or mature in a known subject.  Irrespective of the organizations business model or decisions the facts are true and not within the control of any organization or agency alone.

A corporate policy

A tool developed by the board of directors to guide the business decisions within the control of the organization.  Without a framework to prevent decisions made outside the control of the decision makers, we must supply the boundaries in order to ensure compliance and adherence to the corporate policies.

Source System Integrity and Validity

In order to attain the validity and integrity of an audience we must understand these known facts about the audience.  For this reason we can assume a consumer or a citizen has no customer relationship until an exchange of goods or services is planned and two legal entities enter into an agreement in exchange for commerce.   The route to market is a different business model conversation.  As stated and agreed broadly, a business model changes when strategy dictates the change.  This framework is a static tool designed for dynamic application using common facts or known scenarios outside the control of any organization or agencies ability to influence.

“As Is” Gaps in Collecting and Processing

The legal liabilities and skills required to prevent these risk are not typically a core competency recruiters would identify as within the culture of many large corporations.  In fact, a person who had these skills would NOT be a good fit in most recruiters selection process.  Therefore, the market has few people with this skill.  For this reason, change rarely factors the consumer rights, constitutional rights and liberties where these freedom’s are primary to the way people live.   For this reason, the framework offers a tool to interact with open government and allows your organization to accelerate adoption of a digital media strategy.



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