The Known Customer Behaviors that we need to design strategy for a customer focused organization.

Chief Data Officers and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officers

What everyone needs to know about leveraging a digital media strategy for transforming your organization?

  • The model allows a complete reverse engineering of operating cost across the organization where you push in places you currently pull.
    • Today we collect people and company details into our systems
    • Tomorrow we update a master record in a cloud or hosted solution accessing our customers instance of a cloud.
  • The model enables a new channel capable of reaching the unreachable audience in traditional models
    • A new capability with external sensing

Compliance – Governance

To be or not to be is the question!  Actually, the question is how does a public or private sector organization address route to market known or things outside any organization or agencies control?

  • What Enterprise Systems can be leveraged or business models established to deliver into different routes to market based on the differences between each customer type?
    • Large in any vertical including all Federal customers
    • Strategic Alliances and Distribution
    • Channels – Partners
      • Small and Medium
    • Retail – Direct through Distribution
      • Consumers

Quality Offers

  • We must first understand the behaviors or design patterns by customer size, then vertical markets.
  • When we factor these behaviors we can group them into three categories.
    • Fast – our speed and agility model
    • Accelerating – beyond the slow lane but not ready for the fast lane
    • Slow – designed for higher quality

Business Models

  • Fast – Our small and medium customers are buying pieces or small solutions, they simply are not designed for custom or higher end solutions.
    • Our partners are the best route to market as the partners geographically located and covers a region for our offers to penetrate the market.  Partner acquire discounts based on the support they provide as the customers point of contact.  (FAST LANE)
  • Accelerating – Our service providers and larger alliance partners and federal governments are passing or working in partnership with us to bring greater value to an existing offer with greater features or a new offer beyond the early trials.  (MIDDLE LANE)
  • Slow – A new innovation offer (SLOW LANE)

Generic Customer Sub-System



A use case

Think Enterprise as a System or social systems. A social system in my mind looks at a person over time, based on milestones for targeting messaging based on ethical advertising and marketing.

Everyone in the world learns throughout life we consume content as information, when organized it becomes knowledge and when we understand and apply the knowledge we gain wisdom.  The learning process is a lifelong experience.  The framework reminds us and supplies the differences for us systemically.

A social system uses a person centered design strategy.


Social Media as a Channel

A person centered design strategy uses social media as a channel!
A window into every parent before communicating with the children a parent has in their family.  Ideally, a parent can select a milestone group page.  0-5 year olds, K-5the grade, Middle school 6th-8th grade, 9th-12th grade and you can assume two more education levels and the final workforce development.



Segmenting High Performing Systems

Imagine if over the period of your life, you experience learning from 100 different sources.  Who keeps track of this for you?  Maybe you shop at 1,000,000 retail stores, who’s keeping track of this information?  I assure you, someone is keeping track it’s just not being done very well.  Hence, the need for Big Data!


If every company and every agency creates a customer record for every person on the planet, we have Big Data.  The lean approach to this problem would redesign the way people and the relevant information about people is tracked and applied to a single record for every person.

A person centered design uses the natural flow of information and leverage points to manage feedback loops to connect information to enable high performing systems.  Basically, by connecting principles we use the same points to measure each area of focus for reliable, repeatable and information with integrity.

A person who can think like this is much more like a Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer.  Just saying.  🙂


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